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Ok ok, so the picture to the left is fairly creepy. That is what your mom and dad's dentist looked like. We will make you comfortable and just take a peek. The diagnostic quality of our x-rays are second to none, and every concern will be addressed for you.


Along with dental exams, Diversion Dental offers cleanings that fit every patients' specific needs.


Restorations (fillings) are an important part of dentistry. Stopping tooth decay before it does extensive damage can prevent more invasive procedures such as root canals or extractions.

Root Canals

When tooth decay gets deep enough to affect the nerve, an infection is present. To get rid of that infection, we will perform a root canal to clean and preserve the tooth. At Diversion Dental, root canals are done with an advanced endodontic system to achieve better results.


Cosmetic concerns drive some people to get crowns. However, a crown is needed in many cases to preserve the integrity of a tooth. Whether it is to keep a tooth from cracking further or to restore a tooth completely after a root canal, crowns save teeth.